Henley Open Water Swim Club

The club has been founded to offer a safe environment for open water swimmers of every ability to train and develop their open water skills; whether they are on the build up to their next triathlon or are just working towards their first open water swim event.

This region is rich in potential, both in the number of capable swimmers living within the club’s catchment, but also in the huge choice presented to us for ideal places in which we can swim. The Thames has a long history of swimming and since the Henley Classic has now evolved into the must-do event that it is today, we’ve found an increasing number of swimmers have been contacting us to express an interest in group swim training, finding a way to improve their stroke and asking about new events, which is why we have founded HOWSC.

The HOWSC Hoodie

The HOWSC hoodie is now available for HOWSC members to purchase via our online shop.
These grey with navy reverse hood unisex hoodies are available to purchase in Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large. With a concealed iPod pocket inside the front pouch pocket, they are perfect to warm you up after your HOWSC swimming session.

HOWSC 2013 Membership

We are pleased to announce that HOWSC 2013 Membership is now open, with two membership types available:-

Standard Membership £22
Racing Membership £52 - this includes an entry into the 2013 Henley Mile

The minimum age for membership is 18.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead and there are loads of events planned for the season so what better way to prepare for the events than to jump into the river with us and swim! And if you’re a new member, we’ll give you our bright pink HOWSC hat so you can be seen from far away.

By joining the club, which is affiliated to the British Triathlon Federation, you’ll be helping the wider swimming community to have a louder voice in all river matters. Moreover, next year we’ll have our own clubhouse based over in Marlow Rowing Club, as part of a new ‘Water Sports Hub’, with state-of-the-art sports and social facilities.

When you take up your membership for 2013, you’ll be automatically entered in a draw to win a copy of “Taking to the Waters” by Caitlin Davies.

If you would like to apply to become a member, please download this HOWSC New Membership Application Form, complete and return to the provided address with payment.

Past members can download the HOWSC Past Members Application Form here

The important thing is to tell your friends about it and encourage them to join; with a larger membership we will have a louder voice. We have close links with the Environment Agency, who are very supportive of the idea, mainly because we can create a safe approach to swimming in the river. HOWSC will work closely with the EA in terms of saying what, where and when we swim, and they can inform us of events to be wary of, such as steam boat rallies, etc.

We feel this is a fantastic chance to create something special that could be around for a long time to come. During the early days of the club, we welcome any interested parties to join us in our regular swims arranged via the Henley Swim Facebook page.

What’s in store for HOWSC this summer

Membership will a number of open water swimming activities, such as:-

We have at least one a week at the weekend, generally around Hurley, but many of us also throw-in ad-hoc sessions during the week, morning or evening. Just like us on Facebook and follow the numerous swim threads! There are some of us swimming more upstream in the Abingdon/Clifton Hampden area…again, FB threads  

We know a number of top level swim coaches who would volunteer their time for occassional technical coached sessions.

There is almost always one of us at the Queenford Lakes (Oxford) sessions too – let’s hook up and swim together. There are discounted tickets at 10 swims for £40 and 3 sessions to choose from each week from late April to late September.

There will of course be a competitive group who could target ASA open water and BLDSA (British Long Distance Swimming Association) events. We could pre-agree a calendar of events at the beginning of the year and try and make sure we have groups attending events (car sharing and such) rather than individuals heading off on their own.

The more adventurous could decide whether the summer aim would be to swim Loch Lomond, Lake Bala, or something more exotic, and of course tell the less adventurous all about it!

These could include full moon swims.

There are some fantastic places to swim around the world with a little bit of thought and coordination, I’m sure we can get groups to head off together.

Once we have done all our swimming, we meet up to talk swims, kit, training, gossip and all sorts of other stuff.


Code of Conduct

If you would like to join HOWSC, please read through the HOWSC Code of Conduct & Rules, which all members will need to be aware of and abide by.

It is advisable to read the River Swimmers Code of Conduct before your first HOWSC session.

Club Roles

The roles that are involved in fulfilling the above activities include:-

Overall coordination and direction.

For mens and ladies squads, to direct and support additional squad needs.

Managing membership adminstration for the club.

Working with the club to find out a good cross section of events to attend throughout the year; coordination of member applications, etc.

Meals/pub or other.

Sourcing bespoke design kit for the club and managing sales to members.

Stories and photos to newspaper and updating content on website for other members.

Website management and payment mechanisms.

We have now appointed all positions required to launch HOWSC, but as the club grows we will always be on the lookout for additional support and new positions may then be required. If you are keen to take on a role within the club or have any skills you think could help, please mail us at