Henley Swim teams up with H2Open Magazine to put on the Henley Mile Suits v Skins Challenge

The Henley Mile on Sunday 8th July is set to take on a new dimension. In a bid to once and for all determine the performance boost given by wetsuits, we have decided to throw down the gauntlet to those swimmers who would like to put this theory to the test and challenge them to take part in our “Suits v Skins Challenge”, sponsored by H2Open Magazine.

To take part in this Challenge swimmers need to swim the Mile twice: once with a wetsuit and once without. The first swim will be in the 9.30am wave and the second swim will be held later in the morning.

The winner will be the person with the fastest total time for the two miles – but everyone taking part will see what difference swimming in a wetsuit really makes.

There’s a £5 charge to enter this Challenge in addition to the normal entry fee of £35. Anyone who would like to Register to take part in this Challenge should contact Georgina at georgina@henleyswim.com with the subject Skins Challenge.

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